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It's Back! The Original DermatoPlate® Duo

Long the favorite of Dermatologists everywhere, the DermatoPlate® Duo DTM/ESA culture system is again available in the original compact dual chamber rectangular plate that facilitates inoculation and collection of specimens for microscopic exam. More  


The Best Way to Culture for Dermatophytes

The MacKenzie toothbrush technique is considered the gold standard for collection of specimens for Dermatophyte culture. This is especially true in shelter and cattery situations where asymptomatic carriers may exist. These individually wrapped and inexpensive brushes will easily get the job done. 24 per box.  


Patient-side Multi-Species Analyzer Runs Sperm Counts, IgG, and More!

The next generation DVM Rapid Test II is a battery powered portable instrument that can deliver total sperm counts and IgG levels where and when you need them. The system utilizes an easy 10 minute procedure at a cost per semen sample of 1.60. The analyzer will also measure serum and colostrum IgG  levels at patient side for a cost/test of less than 14.00. More

Tick, Tick, Tick

In addition to slides of Rhipicephalus (Brown Dog Tick) we now offer new specimens of Amblyomma americanum (Lone Star Tick), Dermacentor variabilis (American Dog Tick), Dermacentor andersoni (Rocky Mountain Wood Tick), and Ixodes dammini (Deer Tick). These are whole specimens that have been clarified and permanently mounted on slides. Some specimens have been stained to enhance detail.  Click here for our full selection of ectoparasites including mites, lice, and fleas.


No Muss, No Fuss, Compact Staining System

 Neat Stain offers a unique alternative to traditional staining jars. Each ready-to-use prefilled cuvette contains enough stain for a minimum of 25 slides and each shelf pack contains six cuvettes for a total of 150 slides/kit. Available as 3-step hematology or dip method Gram stain. More

Capture Microscopic Images with Just Your Smartphone!

How often have you found something unusual under the microscope and wished you had an easy way to photograph it for archiving or even saving to the patient record? With the miPlatform Smart Capture System, it's as easy as opening the camera app on any smart phone. Just mount the holder on your microscope, adjust the secure grips to the size of your phone, and Voila!, you're ready to capture high quality images. More


New "Easy-Squeeze" Wash Bottles Feature Unitary Design

New 500 ml. wash bottles are color coded with easy to read labels that comply with OSHA labeling requirements. The easy squeeze bottles feature unitary design with a drip-free dispensing spout built into the side of the bottle.  Choose from a variety of common laboratory solutions as well as a “universal” graphic for self-labeling. Click here for listing.

39.19/Pkg. 6

Activated Clotting Time (ACT) Tube Replacement

Bleeding disorders occur commonly in small animals and every practice needs the ability to differentiate platelet-related problems from those caused by deficiency or interference with clotting factors. The Activated Clotting Time is an easy to perform test  that has long been a staple for evaluating secondary hemostasis. With its minimal  equipment requirements, the ACT has been one of the most affordable screening tests available, however, with the discontinuation of the ACT Vacutainer, the only alternative for veterinarians would be to invest in expensive equipment to fill the void. Our new AcTube™ with easy open cap utilizes the same procedure as BD's original tube. More  

It’s a UV light. It’s a pen. It’s both!

No more hunting for your Wood’s lamp with this handy gadget in your pocket. Our UV Light Pen uses new solid state LED technology to provide a portable source of UV light that requires no warm up time. More

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